Bridgestone Ecopia EP850


Section Width
Aspect Ratio
Overall Diameter (mm)

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Fuel savings built in Save fuel – and money – for the entire life of your tyres. In fact with Ecopia EP850, the savings are equivalent to receiving a 5 cent discount per litre every time you fill up^. The tyre’s advanced compound delivers significantly lower rolling resistance, which translates into fuel savings of up to 3.6%* whenever you drive. Efficiency without compromise With the Ecopia EP850 for SUVs, enjoy highway luxury performance plus Ecopia’s advanced fuel saving technology. Results show better ride comfort, wear life, handling and braking in wet and dry conditions compared to its predecessor, the Dueler D683. Now available for SUVs The EP850 is available to suit small, medium and large SUVs. The ideal tyre for city and highway driving, it’s the smarter choice for SUVs.

Load Index

The load rating (represented by the numerical value) is related to the maximum weight that tyre can carry. So in this case 105 would refer to a load capacity of 925kg, with most passenger vehicle load indexes range from 62 to 126.

In all instances the tyres load index must meet or exceed the value displayed on the vehicles placard.

Speed Symbol

The speed category symbol, for example 'S', indicates the maximum speed at which the tyre can carry a load corresponding to its load index. So in this case, 'S' would refer to a maximum speed of 180km/hour.

See the chart below for a full list of speed symbols and their applicable values.